3 Reasons Why You Should Mine Instead of Buy Cryptocurrency

#1 Mining Protects Your Investment

#2 Mining Generates Revenue

#3 Ultimate Flexibility

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#2 Mining Gen Revenue.png

 Because you are converting Cash into Assets, you own the equipment.  That means in the unlikely event that the cryptocurrency eco-system crashes or if there is government intervention, you can sell your equipment and recover part or all of your original investment.  On the other hand, if you buy cryptocurrency you have no physical assets to hedge against market devaluation or unforeseen events.

The coins you’ve mined can be easily sold for cash so you can payback the original cost of equipment, use the cash to pay for living expenses, or If you are a trader, mining is a great way to generate your favorite coin and use them for trading!  Its kinda like having an endless supply of FREE coins to trade.

You have a choice to stop mining if and when the cryptocurrency that you are mining becomes unprofitable or switch to other coins that are more profitable.  Its up to you.

Crypto Mining Made Easy 

Our “Cryptocurrency Mining Made Easy” video training tutorials will allow you to easily and quickly build a mining rig from scratch without computer technical skills nor understanding the complex Blockchain.


The video instructions will guide you step by step how to setup and configure the mining software to get you up and mining with ease.


There are other valuable tips and tricks that you will learn to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that we have encountered in our early days of mining.


Cryptocurrency Mining Made Easy is a comprehensive video tutorial that will help you avoid these costly mistakes. Enroll now and get onboard. Be on your way to a new and financially rewarding journey to mining cryptocurrency and be part of the blockchain revolution and the internet of money.


The mining rig that you will build in this video will make it possible for you to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum, however, the same rig can also mine other Alt coins in the future. 

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An easy to follow video tutorial consisting of 10 parts:

  • Part 1 - Introduction and Considerations

  • Part 2 - Required Parts to Build a 12-GPU Mining Rig

  • Part 3 - Mining Software & Digital Wallet

  • Part 4 - Preparation of Motherboard

  • Part 5 - Motherboard Bios Settings

  • Part 6 - Testing The Mining Rig & Mining Ethereum

  • Part 7 - Registering to SimpleminingOS & Introduction to Ethermine Pool

  • Part 8 - How To Use SimpleminingOS

  • Part 9 - How to Use Ethermine Mining Pool 

  • Part 10- Maintenance of Mining Rig